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We are designers and publishers of residential plans and related documents.  Our experience includes over 30 years of design and the construction of over 700 homes. Our portfolio of standard plans includes over 1200 plans, and our services include custom home design, garage designs, multi-family plans, and porches and decks.

Our portfolio is comprised of conventionally designed and constructed plans and populated with commonly used and available componentry.  We utilize the leading suppliers of materials and components for residential construction. These suppliers represent industry standards and their products are often referenced in codes and specifications.  You will find their product names and nomenclature referenced in our plans and documents.

Custom Design Your New Home

Our approach to the design process can save you time and money.  Starting with a clean sheet is always an option, but our portfolio offers the opportunity to find a starting point from which we can reduce the basic design effort, saving time and therefore cost.  Our suggestion is always to first review these plans to determine if one offers a place to begin your custom design.  We will then ask a lot of questions and do a lot of listening.  Your visions will become real on paper as we develop initial floor layouts.  As this process progresses the exterior will begin to develop and can then be studied and modified. We will prepare a first draft, which is updated and modified, becoming a final draft.  This complete set of documents will be reviewed, one final set of changes will be made if necessary, and the completed plans will be produced.  The supporting information and documents will be based upon these drawings.  Please review our pricing policy and warranty.

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Our plans are construction ready and guaranteed to meet plan and code review requirements. Each is CAD based, enabling us to quickly and easily respond to our clients and their requirements. To search our plans simply enter the necessary information in the spaces provided, or just hit "VIEW PLANS" to see the entire portfolio. You may enter a plan number in the space provided. Each plan will illustrate Heated Square Footage and Total Under Roof. Searches are based on heated square footage.

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Beautiful Home Designs by Arbor Home Designs

As a thought leader in the building industry, we help design and build premium, custom homes. Boasting 30 years of experience in design and construction, we've made a name for ourselves in the building world. Designing and publishing residential plans and related documents is our specialty. Little wonder our clients keep coming back for their home designs.

Arbor Home Designs have an in-house team of designers, architects, and contractors who help realize your dreams and vision. To achieve our goals, we collaborate with suppliers of materials for residential construction. These suppliers follow industry standards, building their products according to codes and specifications.

Why We Stand Out?

As a company, we provide conventional plans designed and constructed following traditional standards. Furthermore, they are populated with commonly used and readily available components. Here are reasons why we stand out in the industry.

We Prioritize Our Clients

Customer satisfaction forms the core of our services at Arbor Homes Design. We take clients through the whole design process. As a customer-centric company, we strive to please clients at all costs.

We take Pride in Our Professionalism

Every project we handle depicts our craftsmanship and work ethic. You're assured nothing less than the best when you work with us. We put our all into every project, so you don't have to worry about our work performance. No doubt, your project is in good hands.

We are Creative

Expect creativity at its peak when you work with us. Our team develops creative designs that reflect excellence and deep-rooted expertise. You can peruse our collection of projects to draw inspiration for your home design.

Why Work With Us?

You may be wondering why you should collaborate with our design team. Our experience, reputation, and ethical approach are unparalleled in the building industry. Over the years, we've adopted cutting-edge technology in developing stellar and impeccable designs.

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Our Design Process

We understand that it can be challenging to choose the right team to oversee the completion of your project. At Arbor Home Designs, our team follows a design-build approach to ensure stress-free and successful projects. Here's our design strategy.


Do you have ideas and don't know how to bring them to reality? Consulting our design team helps you gain more clarity about your dream home. When you consult our team of experts, we'll listen to your ideas, assess them, and craft designs that suit your needs. If you have any questions, we'll gladly answer them and show you our past projects. Then, we'll show you the latest designs and best materials.


Our design team will develop a blueprint for your space after consultation. Subsequently, this conceptual design shows the ideas of your home, the layout, features, dimensions, and space planning. We also create a detailed budget for each project component. In developing designs for clients, we factor in the costs of the project from start to finish for desirable outcomes.

Refine and Revise

After developing your house design, we take a second look at it to ensure it meets your expectations. Then, our team will discuss materials, finishes, and options with you. Through this, you understand the options available and the cost of everything required to complete your project.

Contract Approval

Once we conclude the design, materials to use, and cost, our home designer will present a contract form to you. This finalizes the design process and marks the beginning of the implementation stage.

Our Services

Residential design is the core of our business. Whether your home is large or small, we have the experience and expertise to design a home that meets your requirements. Here are the services we offer:

Custom Home Design

There's nothing surreal like walking through the doors of your home and relishing the aesthetics. How lovely would it be to have your dream home? Our team works with your idea and interprets the concept, giving you a functional space that meets your needs. Utilizing cutting-edge technology with passion, our design, and construction team brings your ideas to life. We strive to understand your needs and interests when designing your home.

As a custom home builder, we'll advise you on the materials, costs, and design options to build your custom home. On our team, we have experienced architects, general contractors, and residential experts who are skilled and talented in every sense.

Rest assured! We'll improve your home value by adding an impeccable aesthetic touch. Whether you want a sleek, open-plan living space or a minimalist home, our design team will deliver the best. Furthermore, we have over 1500 home designs to choose from if you need design inspiration for your home.

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Garage Designs

Our custom-built garages are tailored to meet your needs. Irrespective of the roof type, size, or color of the garage, our design team can achieve that in no time. What's more, our portfolio includes garage plans that you can incorporate into your house design. All our garage plans meet the required standard and are built to standard. You can opt for the double garage plan if you need additional parking or an exercise area.

Furthermore, you should consider triple or quad garage plans if you own several cars or have numerous belongings. Or do you have difficulty keeping your garage neat? Organizing your garage can be hard if you have limited space and need the right storage system. No worries; our home designer will evaluate your garage plan and come up with solutions to whip your garage into shape.

We bet you'll be amazed by how much space you have once done with the design. Imagine walking in your garage or getting out of the car without tripping over items. Gone are the days when you have to settle for an ugly garage. Let our home designer take your garage plan to a whole new level.

Multi-family Plans

Multi-family house plans are buildings featuring two or more living units separated by walls or floors. At Arbor Homes, we offer two-unit home designs with exterior appeal, versatility, and additional security. These are perfect for people building for tenants or having a large, extended family.

Additionally, multi-family plans are good if you have limited space to build. These duplex plans are available in different sizes and architectural styles. There's a lot to love about our multi-family plans. They strike a balance between a townhouse and an apartment, offer functionality, and help maximize space. The floor plans for the multi-family units fit comfortably, adding to the aesthetics.

Moreover, each unit is equipped with all the facilities of a typical home. However, the two units share the same foundation, utility outlets, and roof. This is cost-efficient as you won't have to spend much on building and maintenance. Though the units are mirror images of each other, the duplexes have different features to give you that unique home design. Are you searching for multi-family plans for your new home? Browse through our collection of residential home designs. You'll be glad you did. Reach out to our home designer if you need help choosing the ideal family plan for your home.

Porches and Decks

A beautiful backyard does not only add to your home value, but it also creates an avenue for family moments. At Arbor Home Designs, we craft custom porches and decks that provide your home with the ultimate hangout or relaxation spot. Additionally, our custom decks and porches reflect exquisite craftsmanship and functionality. It's evident that our expertise in home design has no bounds!

For an unforgettable outdoor experience, our team believes the perfect deck or porch needs to complement the spaces and features of your exterior landscaping. Thus, in designing your porch and deck, we assess your backyard. Arbor Home Designs specialize in designing a deck or porch that accentuates your surroundings, enhances accessibility, and improves landscaping.

Notably, our team is experienced in creating decks and porches that harmonize with the home and surroundings for a pleasurable outdoor experience. Typically, anyone can come up with resources to build a deck or porch. However, if you want a unique home design, you need to collaborate with a company that understands your vision and has proven experience in creating distinct porch designs.

Our design team will work tirelessly to ensure your custom deck or porch is up to par. Not only will our design achieve maximum performance, but it will also tick the right box in terms of quality and sophistication. Let's help you build the ultimate outdoor oasis.

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Whether you seek expert advice on home designs, garage plans, porches, and decks, Arbor Home Designs is always ready to attend to your needs. We ensure effective communication between our team and clients for the successful execution of projects. Let's talk about your home design.

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We are designers and publishers of residential plans and related documents. Our experience includes over 30 years of design and the construction of over 700 homes.

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Address: 2825 Poinsett Hwy. Greenville
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