Our mission is to provide an uncompromised quality level in the products and services we provide.  Our plans and design services are guaranteed to be dimensionally and structurally accurate and we will remedy any discrepency if they occur immediately and without charge.  We further guarantee that any schedules we provide will accurately reflect the specification and will be itemized in the bill of material.  We strive to have accurate and current pricing in our materials projections but do not warrant them as such due to the regional and periodic basis for pricing.

We further warrant our plans to be approved by plan review by code enforcement authorities and will provide all necessary detail to accomplish this approval.  This warranty does not extend to authorities that require engineer stamps on plans.  The plan purchaser is responsible for providing plan review requirements to Arbor and is responsible for fulfilling the requirement for any stamps or engineering review.  Stamped plans available from floor and roof truss suppliers may fulfill this requirement.  Arbor will modify and/or annotate any plans as required by the engineer at no additional charge to the Arbor client.  Plan review requirements may specify roof framing detail.  Your choice as buyer to specify conventional framing over trusses will require the addition of the Framing Details available in our plan options. 

It is the responsibility of the contractor or owner to verify all plan dimensions, specifications, and determine the suitability of the plans and specifications for the intended application before use in the field.  You accept by the purchase of plans or design services from Arbor Services, LLC that you will hold Arbor Home Design and it's agents and employees harmless in the event of costs related to discrepencies in the field.  You further accept that any other damages related to plans and design services is limited to the correction or modification of those plans and design services and that you and your agents will attempt to mitigate damages through any and all means available.

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We are designers and publishers of residential plans and related documents. Our experience includes over 30 years of design and the construction of over 700 homes.

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