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The trend toward smaller and less expensive structures is taken to the extreme in our series of micro plans.  Every opportunity to reduce the footprint and square footage of these plans is utilized without sacrificing comfort and utility.  The micro plans will feature every service and function of larger homes, but will do so with smaller appliances and footprint.  Otherwise the structure and materials used are the same as our other portfolio plans, including modified versions of these plans with larger first floor and additional features..

These selections differ from tiny houses, which are typically manufactured and are often mobile. These plans feature the same construction features of our other plans and are built on foundations, not chassis.  These plans are offered standard with slab foundation and in most cases no garage or exterior storage.  They all have the same footprint.  Walls on first floor are 8'.  Stairs are 36".  Baths have fewer fixtures.  Closets are less spacious.  As usual, these plans are easily modified to suit individual needs or tastes.