Arbor Home Design services specialize in custom home design and construction plans. With  over 35 years of service, we have successfully built over 800 homes and crafted over 1500  designs. You could call our homes a actual work of art. This has helped us confidently design  and construct plans for different clients.

 So, it doesn't matter if you want to look at our portfolio or create your custom design; we will make the best home designs to help you.



Our Home Design Services

We offer several top-notch home design services, and they include:

Custom Home Designs

Residential design is the foundation of our business, and our ultimate goal is to create custom home designs to help you turn your vision into a reality.

We are experts in designing homes of any size, providing prompt and affordable services for your home. To begin your dream home design, we will let you browse through our portfolio to find a starting point for your design and then ask questions about what you want. Our layouts and drawings, along with any revisions you deem appropriate, come to life throughout this step. Only when you're satisfied with the design will we produce the final document containing your building plan. 

Garage and Outbuilding Designs

There are other needs beyond the home design that we carry out, including outbuildings. We also have a series of standard garage plans for your garages and storage. These plans can be modified to suit your taste or the structure of your home.

Duplex/Multi-Family Design Plans

This design plan fits perfectly into an investment or family plan. Our multifamily plan is designed to accommodate extended families or create an additional revenue source.

At Arbor Home Design, we offer a series of two-unit townhouse designs and secondary unit plans as you desire. Our design floor plans can be modified to accommodate additional units and create an even bigger estate.

Porch Design

We are experts in home design, and as a result, we try as much as possible to utilize spaces under the roof by creating porch designs that will enhance your home.

The Best Home Designs in South Carolina

Whatever your vision of a perfect house may be, we are confident that we can build it. At Arbor Home Design, we are experienced in everything about design, which is why we find it easy to communicate with our clients at all times. You can count on us to give you a well-thought-out floor plan with a finished result that will be the envy of guests and neighbors for a very long time.

Start your custom home journey with us today. Call us now.

About Us

We are designers and publishers of residential plans and related documents. Our experience includes over 30 years of design and the construction of over 700 homes.

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